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Idera Server Backup Enterprise

High-performance, disk-to-disk backups for Linux & Windows





R1Soft Licenses

Server Backup Licensing

Manage your own backup server

Bare-metal Restores Available

Supports both physical and virtual servers

MySQL and Microsoft SQL database backups

As low as $5.95 per server.

R1Soft Licenses

Hosted Backup

Hands-free offsite server backups

All Enterprise features available

Just configure your agents, policies and limits

Let us handle the rest

Starting at $14.95.


  • High-Performance Backups

    Create an initial backup seed in hours and schedule regular replication without downtime..

  • Easy Administration

    The Idera Web Interface allows for a complete, central overview of your backup situation at a glance.

  • Industrial Capacity

    Idera 5.0 allows for server backups up to 64 TB in size with the Disk Safe® technology.

  • Multi-Point Replication

    Flexibility for automated on-site and off-site backups for complete redundancy.

  • MySQL True Granular Backups

    Allows for online MySQL database backups of even the busiest database servers.

  • MS SQL Database Backups

    Allows for online MySQL database backups of individual databases.

Continuos Data Protection

Server Backup Manager

  • Fast

    Incremental backups are done at the block level instead of the file level. Block level backup provides several advantages including the speed of completing a backup operation, a drastic reduction in disk and network I/O, the ability to perform backups as often as every 15 minutes and no performance penalty for servers having a large number of files.

  • ProvenTechnology

    Server Backup Manager is the #1 backup solution developed for the web hosting industry, used by over 1000 service providers in small to large centers. Protecting over 300,000 servers, Server Backup Manager is used by a variety of Hosting, Cloud and Managed IT Service Providers.

  • Affordable

    Server Backup Manager was designed by Hosting professionals who fully understood the pain involved in managing the hidden costs of a backup solution. Everything is included; no additional modules or plug-ins to pay for and on-demand monthly subscription pricing provides flexible pay as you go service.

  • Multi-Platform

    Windows & Linux / Physical & Virtual. RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE and most custom Linux kernels. VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Parallels Cloud Server, Parallels Virtuozzo and KVM. Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange and MySQL (including MariaDB and Percona Server).

  • Multi-Tenant

    Server Backup Manager meets the needs of both Enterprise and Provider environments. It can be setup to allow access only to administrators, group-based administrators, multi-tenant, tiered multi-tenant or a custom configuration.

  • Scalable

    Thousands of servers with one web-based enterprise console. Server Backup Manager’s extensible architecture allows for adding repositories as you grow.

Hosted Server Backups

We provide hosted backup manager solutions with up to 5 TB of backup quota starting at $14.95/month. Price includes first Backup Agent at no additional cost with the option to add more.

50 GB

$14.95 / month

($0.30 per gigabyte)

500 GB

$49.95 / month

($0.10 per gigabyte)

5000 GB

$199.95 / month

($0.04 per gigabyte)